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Consultant and Developer

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Consultant and Developer

My name is Corey Broderick and I create systems, applications, and tools that help organizations realize their mission. I work with small to medium sized businesses, specializing in the non-profit and education sectors. I develop technology that enhances process, saves effort, extends reach, and allows an organization to effect change for themselves and others.

Experience: 21 Years

From: Canada

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Office Hours: 8AM-5PM, Mon-Fri

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Successful projects begin with a collaborative discovery process, taking time for the examination of needs and and identification of issues. Tooling and development are built to address process, without ever losing sight of the goal of making your business better. Great communication paired with iterative development cycles enforce the idea that our work is a partnership.

Systems Alignment

Consulting with experience in aligning and integrating systems towards business goals.


Experience in a wide array of frameworks, with a focus in Salesforce and .NET.

Collaborative Work

Iterative development cycles with clear communication about progress towards milestones.

Web Site Implementation

Wordpress (PHP,HTML) implemented with best practices and analytics in short time frames.

API Integrations

Project implementations with popular services: MailChimp, Stripe, Google, Docusign, Twilio.

Detailed Reporting

Effort is reported on and invoiced with by-the-minute accuracy, with weekly time reports and monthly invoicing.

“A bad system will beat a good person every time.”

Dr. W. Edwards Demming

Case Studies

Downloadable 2 page PDFs which give an oversight of a few recent projects.


A few recent projects, with further details available if you would like to learn more. My clients are happy to provide references, and some will provide tours of their respectivce projects.

All Salesforce .NET Web


Ideas & Code

A collection of past and current projects that you may find useful in your own effort to build better systems. More to come...

Building a Better Sync

Built in Salesforce Lightning, this application builds a better sync between MailChimp and Salesforce. Using best practice of using a single list, all Contacts and Leads are tagged in MailChimp via Salesforce Campaigns. Unsubsribe and cleaned email address information in MailChimp gets relfected in Salesforce.

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Data Migration via Sheets

Using Sheets and Scripts for data migration (code included).

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Factory Design

A helpful post from 2009 about factory design patterns.

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Toggl and Google Sheets
Toggl API

How I use Toggl and Sheets to automate invoicing (code included).

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Get In Touch

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, provide more information about past projects, or simply chat about the services I can offer your organzation.


+1 (647) 367-1601

+502 5985-5412


Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Gutemala City, Guatemala